Vegetarian Soup of the Day (V&VG)£5.25
Croquettes served with Aioli Sauce£5.50
Moorish Style Chicken Skewers with Alioli sauce£6.50
Seafood Cocktail Mix£5.95
Calamares Andalusian Style£6.50
Mussels in White Wine Sauce£6.95
Deep Fried Brie with Cranberry Jelly (V)£6.95
Grilled Sardines£6.50
Garlic Creamy Mushrooms on Toasted French Bread (V)£6.50
Avocado and Prawns£6.25
Marinated Chicken Wings£5.95
Fish Cakes with Sweet Chilli Sauce£6.75
Course Pate with Toasted French bread£6.95
Homemade Meat Balls in a Spicy Tomato Sauce£5.95
Oysters Natural ½ Dozen£7.95
Oysters Rockefeller ½ Dozen£8.95
Gambas in a Garlic or Spicy Tomato Sauce£9.25
Pan fried Monkfish in a Tomato, Spinach and Chorizo Sauce£8.95
Pan Fried Scallops with Chorizo and Cauliflower Puree£9.95
Home Made Hummus and Mixed Marinated Olives (V&VG)£5.50


Salad Bar£3.95
Garlic Bread£3.95
Bread and Marinated Olives£4.25
French Bread£2.50
Marinated Olives£3.25
A La Carte Seasonal Vegetables£3.50

Main Courses


Breast of Chicken, Stuffed with MozzarellaWrapped in Parma Ham served with a Tomato & Basil Sauce£13.95
Grilled Spanish Moorish Style Chicken Skewersserved with homemade Alioli Sauce£14.50
Slow cooked Lamb Shank in Rosemary, Garlic and spicesserved with Rioja Wine Sauce£16.95
Breast of Duckserved with a Port and Red Currant Sauce£16.95
Supreme of Guinea Fowlserved with a Wild Mushroom, Tarragon and dried Apricot creamy sauce£15.95
Grilled Lamb Chops£14.95
Pressed Slow Cooked Belly Porkwith Garlic, Thyme & Spanish Wine Sauce£15.75
Grilled Marinated Lamb Brochette£14.95
Pork Loinserved with Avocado and Mango Salsa£13.95
7oz Fillet Steak£22.95
10oz Sirloin Steak£20.95
10oz Ribeye Steak£19.95
14oz Rump Steak£18.95
16oz T-Bone Steak£23.95
Medallions of Filletserved in Pepper Sauce£22.95


Stack of Grilled Mediterranean VegetablesServed with a Tomato Sauce£11.95
- Slow cooked Sweet Potato and Chickpea Tagineserved with Pita Bread£12.95
- Spiced Stir Fry of Vegetablesserved with Kidney Beans, raisins and Rice Noodles£12.95

Recommended Meat Sauces

Peppercorn Sauce£3.25
Blue Cheese and Port Sauce£3.25
Rioja wine and Mushroom Sauce£3.25

Recommended Fish Sauces

Cockles, Prawn and Dill Creamy Sauce£3.25
Lemon and Dijon Mustard Sauce£3.25
Cajun and Lime Butter Sauce£3.25

Fish Main Courses